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Getting millions of people moving, since 2003

The REVITIVE family of FDA-cleared medical devices is owned by Actegy Health. Actegy is based in the United Kingdom, with offices in six countries and over 2 million customers worldwide. With a mission to bring relief to the world without drugs, surgery, or expensive medical interventions, it invests millions of dollars in research and development, and partners with top universities to independently verify all therapeutic effects. REVITIVE is about helping people get the most out of life, by getting back on their feet.

International Brand with British Roots

Where to buy REVITIVE

REVITIVE is an international brand. Since our first Circulation Booster® was launched in the UK in 2005, we have sold more than two million devices and selling in some 13 countries. We employ people in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany and Australia.

We have also expanded our technologies, developing solutions designed for people with breathing problems like COPD, knee osteoarthritis and also chronic pain.

Life-affirming ideas, clinically-proven products

REVITIVE started with the dreams of Josh and Rosie Penny. The founders saw their own parents suffering painful symptoms from a range of conditions, of which getting older was just one. After being told such effects were inevitable, Josh and Rosie asked: why?

After investing their own money and expertise in new research, REVITIVE Circulation Booster – and a range of other healthcare products – were born. Millions of people around the world now trust REVITIVE to deliver effective relief from tired legs, aches and pains, and other symptoms affecting their ability to walk … and they lead better lives as a result.

It’s led to multiple awards – Actegy has been listed three times as one of Britain’s Top 100 fastest-growing private companies, and has won a Red Dot Award for product design. And academic recognition: since 2014, Alun Davies, Professor of Vascular Surgery at Imperial College London, has been leading clinical trials that have repeatedly demonstrated real, practical, positive effects for REVITIVE users.

But pain in the legs and feet isn’t the limit of REVITIVE’s expertise. It also produces a range of technologies to make breathing easier, called AeroSure – with, of course, the same standards of academic research and oversight. Sally Singh, Professor of Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehabilitation at University Hospitals of Leicester in the UK, has led clinical trials in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease since 2016.

Revitive Circulation Booster story

Our commitment to you

All those millions in research and development, those years in clinical trials, those success stories from our 2m customers, have the same common denominator – you. It’s making your life better that gets us excited about coming to work each day.

Yes, we love hearing your stories of getting back on your feet … playing Little League with your grandkids … spending days out with old friends … getting back on the dancefloor you thought you’d left forever … even organizing a block party for 50 neighbors, just because you could. That’s what gets us to the office every day, the knowledge that you’re getting the most out of life.

>And we’re not done yet. Because we know … you’re not done either.

Revitive Circualtion Booster Success Stories
Revitive Circualtion Booster Success Stories
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